Roll With The Punches

by Wired For Havoc

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Henri Cardin There can't be a single favourite song but if I have to choose it's probably Bitter Bones
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Andrew Conner - Lead Vocals
Axel Jasso - Bass
Chase Gerber - Lead Guitarist/Vocals
Devin White - Rhythm Guitarist
Sean Michael Gordon - Drums

Hometown: Provo, UT

Manic Kat Records (2016)

"Roll With The Punches" is simple. We write what we want to write. It doesn't have to all sound the same. Variety in an album will keep listeners hooked from beginning to end with constant surprises. Pop-Punk, Easycore, Metalcore, Punk, Alternative, you name it.

Bands these days that come out with records think they have to stay within the genre boundaries to stay politically correct and that's just fucking stupid. Expand your writing abilities, genre perspectives and music tastes.

Every song we wrote on this record was carefully done to include melodic hooks, lyrical messages, colossal breakdowns, memorable guitar licks and much more to show our fans that we care about what we write and hope that they get something beneficial out of it.


released October 14, 2016


Peter James, Eric Ring, and the whole team over at Manic Kat Records for all of the love they have shown us. Bucket and Dan Whittaker at HighVibe Recordings as well as Tyler Christensen at Coffee Pot Studios for producing the record and helping us grow as musicians.

Steve Flynn and the rest of the Moniker guitar crew. The SJC family. Darcie Roy at Muse Music and Scrappy at the Loading Dock for letting us perform at their venues. The Conner family for letting us practice in their basement and tour in their pick-up truck. Our families and friends for believing in us. Motivating us to constantly push ourselves to be better, and helping to shape us into the men we are.

Our Noise Boiz Doug, Luc, Nathan and Elias for being some of our best friends and taking us on our first tour. Most of all, we thank our amazing fans. Seriously, thank you so much for sticking with us and having hope in us. Without you, none of this would be possible. We hope you enjoy Roll With The Punches.



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Wired For Havoc Provo, Utah

Wired For Havoc

Manic Kat Records

Genre: Punk/Rock


Andrew Conner
Chase Gerber
Axel Jasso
Devin White
Sean Gordon

Since: June 2013

Endorsements: @SJCdrums @MonikerGuitars

"Roll With The Punches" - OUT NOW!
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Track Name: Vagabond
Remember the times we've shared?
So unaware of lust and dysfunction.
Believe me I tried to care. You weren't so fair
When you'd rather put your face on.

Bridges can't be burned if they were never built.
I am none of your concern, so go ahead and swim.

Who's bed will you wake up in the morning?
Leaving no trace you were there.
Show up to my door without warning
Expecting me to be there.

So keep your clothes on for the last few hours of the night.
It stopped making sense when you turned out the lights.
I was so naive and believed you were mine.
But before you know it, so long and goodbye.

So long and goodbye...
Track Name: Bitter Bones
And I've been waiting for this day to come.
Because you're the reason I have all these scars.
When you leave me hanging, I enjoy the view.
Because every finger is pointing straight at you.

You're crossing the line and got me out
On the ledge and I'm singing...
Woah Woah!
You never really mattered to me.

And I'll regret you since the day you came.
And It must be karma 'cause I took the blame.
Where are you going? You left so fast.
I forgot to tell you. You left your knife in my back.
Track Name: Never Bring Me Down
Another lie, I wonder why you keep me around.
And when I try you waste my time so get away.
I have your heart, you're in his car, I don't believe you.
I decided on my own, you'll never bring me down.

Never bring me down.

Your lies make you weak. (Make you weak).
Goodbye, you're leaving. (You're leaving).
Runaway, you're too scared to face the real world.

Am I alone? Is this a joke? You give me false hope.
I watch the time on the bomb running out.
You said me, you're with him, you deny it.
I decided on my own you'll never bring me down.

Never bring me down.

You're a liar!
Track Name: Patience
They say patience is a virtue but my time is spent.
Hoping I can trust you. I don't have a clue where you've been.
Making all the points you made behind the backs
of the men that trust you. Don't forget to make your bed.

There's storm clouds up ahead.
I'd rather stay in bed.
Upset and so misled.
I hate those things you said.

You try to bend me I just break.
You emphasize all my mistakes.
I analyze what never was.
At least I had the nerve to show up.

They say patience is a virtue.
Track Name: Dis-Order
I try to keep my mouth shut.
The fear of saying the wrong things like juggling knives.
I tried to do my best, I try to do what's right.
But it's kind of hard when I can't see the light.

You see I'm so very different what we call life is set in black and white.
I swear I'd write about love if I knew what it was.
Maybe these pills I take will help you change your mind.

You never have to do this on your own.
And I swear to you...
You never have to dot his on your own.
And I swear to you...

There's nothing to fear ('Cause I've been there).
If I can make it through the day, you can make it through the year.
And I swear to you...
You never have to do this on your own.

You will never learn to love someone
If you never learn to love yourself.
Never knowing what you could become.
You have to stop before you hurt yourself.

And I will break every bone in my body
If it meant that you'd find my love.
There's someone right there for me
With a reason that I shouldn't jump.

I swear I'd write about love.
But this is all that I know.
I swear I'd write about love.
You never have to do this on your own.
Track Name: Reckless Men
Look at me, I've done just fine without you.
So save your face by not showing up.
You're still complaining. I'm still debating if you were worth it at all.
Men of their words. Brothers in arms. Pact of a lifetime. We're chasing the stars.

I don't have to sleep well, just better than you. Ahead's an open road that leads me far from you.
I see the world revolve in front of me. You think we had enough but this is just the beginning.

We'll pack our bags. Head for the ocean. Sing our hearts out every night. Fall asleep as we watch the sunrise.
Thought I missed you but then you hung up the phone.
It doesn't matter I'm better on my own.
Respect is something you'll never know.
You'll never get in the way. You mean nothing to me.

Never come back. This life's an open road.
Breaking my back to have my story told.
Track Name: Hate Me
Weren't you the one who gave up and then moved on?
You left me broken and bruised from the start.
All of you secrets are egg shells I walk on.
Time heals all wounds but that kicks like a shotgun.

My idol burdens are all that I carry.
These second thoughts that convince me to stay.
It's not my time, take what's mine and I'll move on.
I don't need you now watch me walk away.

And I just need to let go.
Yeah, you're digging your grave.
So go. You're a little to late so continue to hate me.

Now I can finally loosen my grip.
Watch you fall apart when reality hits.
We held on for dear life with our finger tips.
A life spent around you is a sinking ship.

Hate me call me out. Tell me what you're mad about.
I can't seem to figure out where you're at my throat.
Track Name: Diamonds
She buys her crutches from over the counter.
It's the perfect place to hide.
She made her home inside of a bottle
Because she's tired of her life.

It's so easily forgotten and swallowed.
I can hear her scream.

Show me the way 'cause I'm a lost soul
And I can't seem to find my way home.
I have been led so blindly. Head first through the walls
That divide me from who I used to be.

Whispers in the dark, they're so convincing now.
The fear of falling short has left without a sound.
What is keeping me? She says to the bottle.
This is killing me.

You'll shine brighter than you'll ever know!

How will you cope with the weight of the world?
It's building pressure and it's crushing your spine.
They hear me screaming out this is my life.
Heaven and hell made me flawed by design.
Track Name: Elbow Room
You gave up. You spoke words of regret
Like you never had enough. It's too much
Time has taken it's toll. A sorry excuse you called love.

I gave up. I threw in the towel when you dragged me through the mud.
I looked up. It was not a surprise to see you were already gone.

I need some elbow room...

The truth never came to me easily.
(I'll never know if you ever told me everything).
My old portrait should display you and me.
(The glass was broken in the first place)
'Cause that's how it outta be.

You can count the holes in the wall
For every time I let you fall.
I feel so small.

And I can still recall how you would taste so sweet.
I let the roses fall down around my feet
Because you dropped my jaw as we stood in the street.
I'll be your gentlemen if only you could see.
Track Name: Satellites
Open your eyes.
There's a million lives trying to survive.
Across the water
There's a million more standing idle by.

Who turned out the lights? I can't see I'm blind.
No more vital signs. Everything is dead.
Eyes are turning red. Now I'm stuck in my head.

And we'll pray to satellites when the stars refuse to shine.
Are you feeling lost and lonely? We dream perfect harmony
In a world so bright.

You bring me down so low.
You can't expect me to give up.